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Welcome to CEONLINE.NET.

We have an exciting new series of continuing education – DSM and a Movie.  These new courses are based on the movies you may have seen at your local theater.  We take characters from these movies and give you a chance to diagnose their mental health problems.  This series comes from courses we have taught at universities in adult and child psychopathology.  It gives you the chance to watch an entertaining movie while earning CE.  You will need a copy of the DSM-5.  You will also need to stream, rent, or buy the movie on your own and then take our test to earn CE credit.  The questions on the test relate to the movie and the diagnostic criteria in the DSM.  Although you may be very familiar with the DSM criteria and be able to answer questions without the DSM by your side, you will find that having the DSM handy will be great help in answering questions.  You earn credit for the time watching the movie and answering the test questions.  Most movies run between 90 and 120 minutes with it taking 15-30 minutes to complete the test, so most of these are worth 2 to 2.5 hours of CE credit.

The first two movies in our DSM and a Movie series are The Good Son starring Macauley Culkin and Phoebe in Wonderland starring Elle Fanning.  Each is worth 2 hours of CE credit.

We offer professional continuing education courses for psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, and other mental health professionals.

As mental health professionals ourselves, we understand the need for affordable, quality continuing education.  We have been providing professional continuing education workshops for years, and now we are bringing these workshops and other educational activities to you online.  We are adding to our list of CE offerings throughout the year, so check back regularly to find new courses.  In the near future we will be adding courses on childhood disorders, psychopharmacology, and other clinical topics.

All of our CE programs are offered at just $5 per hour of continuing education credit.  Just sign up and start taking courses.

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